Support Us

11952306As a new initiative we need the support of our community to help make this project a success!

How can you help?

Below you will find a list of the things we need to get started. If you can help in any way we would be extremely grateful!


It goes with the territory of fruit picking and we can use all kinds. Everything from a small step ladder to an orchard picking ladder!

Fruit Flats

If you happen to be at Costco, Superstore or another grocery and see a stack of fruit flats – please pick them up for us!
Contact Us – to find out where you can drop them off.

Storage Locations

Our goal is to create ‘pocket pick teams’. Groups of volunteers would assemble based on their location within the city. This idea supports neighbours and strengthens communities by giving you the opportunity to get to know your neighbours and make your neighbourhood more food secure. We would love to have a location to store a ladder and some buckets in each neighbourhood.

If you are willing to make space on the side of a garage or yard where we can store a ladder and some buckets please let us know!


Want to come to a pick and take pics?
We are documenting this whole process so we need you to help us out! Videographer & photographers please apply 🙂