Seed-Cleaning Workshop









The Kamloops Food Policy Council will be hosting a seed-cleaning demo at the Farmers Market on Saturday, September 30, featuring our recently purchased winnower and thresher. Please come down to the market and see this amazing equipment in action! Feel free to bring any seed you have saved that needs to be cleaned.

We would also like to make the seed-cleaning equipment available to farmers, market gardeners, and anyone else in our area with a large amount of seed to clean. The equipment could be used at the Mt Paul Food Centre (140 Laburnum St) where it is currently stored, or could be transported to your farm or other location for on-site seed-cleaning. We plan to charge a small fee for borrowing the equipment so that we can build up a reserve fund for repairs and maintenance or potentially the purchase of more equipment in the future.

In order to ensure that we all know how to use the equipment correctly, we are hosting a training session/workshop, which will be a prerequisite for anyone who wants to borrow the equipment. The workshop will be on Sunday, October 1, from 2-5 pm. The cost is $15 – tickets are available at Eventbrite or cash at the door. Participants are asked to bring seed for threshing and winnowing so you can get some work done during the workshop. Beans, brassicas or grains on the stalk would be awesome, or combined grains as well.

For more information, email Sandra at, or call 250-851-6111.

Please pass this information along to anyone in your network that might be interested!



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