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Share the abundance

Too much fruit on your trees or vegetables in your garden? Register your tree or garden today! Our coordinator, tree scouts, and home-owners decide together the best time to schedule a harvest party.  The fruit and vegetables we harvest are

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What To Do About Cherries . . .

Cherries are the first of the tree fruits to ripen and something many of us look forward to! Unfortunately, the Western Cherry Fruit Fly is a fact of life in our part of the world and  so far there is

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Black aphids on your cherry tree

I am going to share a lovely story of life cycles and the beauty of the balance of nature with you that I observed on my own cherry tree this summer. In my yard lives a very large, very old

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Picking Pears

Pears are one of those fruits that you actually need to pick before they are ripe. They ripen from the inside and so by the time they are ripe on the outside they are often too ripe to do much

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What to do with Grapes

Here are some great ideas that go beyond jelly for what you can do with all those grapes. Grape Juice I love this post from Canning with Kids Blogger Paige. or if you prefer the old fashioned way

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Connections on Seymour St

This past Tuesday I went out to a home that the owner just purchased to move his business into. The home had sat vacant for some time and when the new owners went inside they found someone living in it.

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An All Around Good Guy

I’d like to introduce you to Don. Don is a gardener who grows too much food. Actually not only does he grow more than he needs but Don wants to know what those in need want him to grow. I

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