Our Supporters

The GAP is a community program and wouldn’t be possible without the support of our many volunteers and the homeowners who open up their yards to groups of strangers and share their abundance. We get plenty of additional support from local community-minded businesses and organizations like these:

  • Nu Leaf Produce Market – gift certificates
  • Nature’s Fare – gift certificates
  • Senor Froggy’s – gift certificates
  • Red Beard Roasters – free coffee cards
  • Mayrhofer Holdings Ltd. – use of truck for 2014 season

A Great Big Thank-you to all of these folks!

Please let them know their support is appreciated!



5 comments on “Our Supporters
  1. Debbi Blair says:

    I volunteer with the Seniors Information Centre at the Northills Mall in Kamloops. I work Tuesday afternoons. I am currently trying to update our pamphlet section and noticed that we have no ‘calling cards’ from you left. If you would be so kind as to bring in a pamphlet or cards that we can give to our seniors who can no longer pick their fruit, that would be most helpful. Thank you.

  2. Dylan Houlihan says:

    We have an excess of pears and a grape vine that we’d like to donate some of the surplus fruit from. We probably don’t need help with the actual picking but we might need some help with having something to put this fruit into, particularly the grapes (assuming that you take grapes). Would you be able to help us out? It’s just a lot of fruit for us to process. Would you be able to help us out?

  3. Dylan can you please email info(at)gleaningabundance.com?

  4. Holly Gregory says:

    Do you know of any like programs in Metro Vancouver? From what I see in me neighbourhood with fruit trees, a program like yours would be a real bonus for all.


  5. Sandra Frangiadakis says:

    Yes, Holly – there is a program in Vancouver as well as in Richmond.

    Here’s a link to the Vancouver one:

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