How We Shared the Food in 2014

The GAP harvested fruit which might otherwise have gone to waste, and distributed it to a variety of agencies who in turn shared the abundance with their clients, volunteers, and families. In this way, many people were able to benefit from the harvest.

Of the over 20 ooo lbs of fruit gleaned this season, 13 000 lbs was donated to community agencies and programs and the remainder was shared between volunteers and homeowners.



We know the GAP made a difference because people told us so:

“Without the generous support of the Gleaning Abundance Project in Kamloops, and the hard work put in by the leaders and volunteers, these programs (Community Kitchens and We Can Together) would not have been as successful as they have been this year. We hosted a total of 28 kitchens and produced over 1500 jars of preserves.”

Dede Bone – Community Kitchen Coordinator

“The fruit went to our breakfast program Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We never had fresh fruit before for our breakfast program. It also went to our low-income families and volunteers”

Wanda – Manager, St Vincent De Paul


A big thank-you to all the community agencies who received and generously shared gleaned fruit this season:

Kamloops Food Bank

TRU Food Bank

Community Kitchens

Sensational Soups

We Can Together

St Vincent De Paul Society

Jubilee Urban Movement & Partners (JUMP)

New Life Mission

Henry Leland House

ASK Wellness

Osprey Program

The Gathering Place

TRU Student Engagement

Elizabeth Fry Society

Centre for Senior’s Information


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